For more than fifteen yearsPaulEhas been providing professional musicians with percussion instruments possessing beautiful tonality and gorgeous appearance.

PaulE on full kit   

Play with the greats: THE PaulE PLAYERS!


The beauty of wood makesPaulE's works the art of percussion. Inventing and creating totally unique works of art is PaulE's passion and they are available to you only at pauledrums.com.   PaulE custom makes his works with your needs and desires foremost then adds his creative touch to make it a one of a kind work of art. Percussion art is pushed to new heights with every piece. No one else goes as far from the norm yet still keeps the focus of the beauty of sound as PaulE. An artist who is always searching for new sounds not only for the sake of art but for your enjoyment and the healing power that comes from music.

Each and every PaulE instrument is custom made to order, a unique work of art for each player. When you call the order hotline and speak with PaulE himself, you specify the wood type, finish, the optional size and other features of the instrument such as the number of jingles. He will guide you through personally to help design your own custom percussion instrument that is a unique work of art from a master artist and inventor.

PaulE is able to provide you with percussion instruments for every purpose. Featuring wood heads and all natural wooden bodies, the unique wood head provides a rich tonal quality not achievable with skin-headed drums. Differences in the drum's tone from the rim to the center of the head compare with their skin counterparts but have the added advantage of deep resonating bass tones with very quick response. Your drum's pitch and tone never change. Each drum is hand-crafted and personally signed by Paul E.


The skilled craft evident in the beautiful PaulEpercussion instruments comes only from a true artist's eyes and hands.

PaulE clamping   PaulE setting up the panels...

setting the clamp   Setting the clamps...

setting the wood drum head   Setting up the wood drum head orientation...


inverted inspection, alignment and finish applications...    Sanding and shaping the instrument...

inverted inspection, alignment and finish applications...    Instruments freshly sanded, awaiting the tung oil finish...

inverted inspection, alignment and finish applications...    Inverted inspection, alignment and first finish layer...

inverted inspection, alignment and finish applications...    A beautiful and unique finished percussion instrument by PaulE.


  1. PaulE USES NO RAINFOREST WOODS!!!  All woods are acquired from renewable sources.
  2. We hand pick the finest hardwoods that provide the best tone, durability and beauty: Poplar, Black Walnut, aromatic Juniper Cedar, American Maple and Baltic Birch.
    Read the Wikipedia for information about these woods:    POPLAR      WALNUT     CEDAR    MAPLE    BIRCH
  3. Most work is done outside, not within the confines of a workshop. Natural light helps to visualize the nature of the woods.
  4. From concept to completion you and PaulE are the only creative forces that form the instrument..
  5. Clients are always welcome at PaulE's workshop.


Many of the world's most talented and popular musicians rely on PaulEpercussion instruments. Here's what they have to say:

Michael Franti (Spearhead)

"Paul E's drums are the most uniquely organic instruments you will find being built today. The all wood construction makes them both beautiful sounding and looking. The Stomp Box he built for me has travelled the world with me, kicking out a booming sound at festivals for 30,000 people or at home acoustically with friends. Because of all the different sounds one can get from his drums, they are great for professional percussionists as well as players who are just discovering the joy of drumming."

Terry Bozzio (solo)

"Thank you for your wonderful instruments! I want you to know how much I appreciate them. I truly endorse your work! On the Bozzio/Mastolotto CD we use them all over the place! All my drummer percussionist friends admire them specifically when I show them my large percussion collection, and single them our from the many instruments I have crammed in my garage!!! Looking forward to driving with the scent of oiled wood in the car today!"

Dave Watts (The Motet)

"Sweet tones and great feel. Creative drums for the creative drummer! I LOVE 'EM!"

Steve Gryb (The Pied Piper of Percussion)

"I find the Moon-E tambourine drum to be exceptionally well-made, innovative, and one-of-a-kind. It's just what the Pied Piper of Percussion looks for in performance percussion!"

Kevin Kinane (Daddy Long Loin)

"Resounding lows and highs that cut through the mix. The drums are a unique hand crafted piece of art. The constant tone in any climate combined with the extraordinary comfort make the PaulE Series the perfect drum for my studio, the stage, or the casual drum circle."

Derek Williams (solo)

"Just wanted to reinforce how much respect I have for you as an artist. From the moment I saw your drums I thought they were beautiful. But only after a week of playing the drum did I see its true beauty. That Burg-E has been with me constantly since we intersected in New Mexico, and every time I play it people are marveled at how smooth my hands and fingers interact with that drum. I am pleased and excited about introducing more people to the positive vibrations of your instruments."

Vance Van Donselaar (vancedrum)

"PaulE Drums are not just top quality musical instruments, but beautiful pieces of art. Unlike skin head hand drums, the wood heads do not change pitch with changes in weather. You always know you will get the same tone with a PaulE Drum."

Josh English (Raydience)

"PaulE Drums are not only more resilient and resonant than cajons I had played with in the past, they also have a very aesthetically appealing geometric shape. I found that hitting the side created many different tones I also take advantage of. On any of the acoustic sets I play I use my PaulE Drums. They are very convenient drums to have on tour. Regular skinned head drums have a tendency to streak and break with temperature, altitude and age. I have never stuck my hand through the head of a PaulE Drum (not for lack of trying!!!) I have used PaulE Drums for over 4 years and never had one fail me!"

Abigail Picache (solo)

"It's an honor to be endorsed by PaulE Drums!!! The amount of time and energy spent to build my incredible percussion instrument is clear. Not only is my Cajon-E fitted specifically to my physical dimensions, but my playing style, choice of port and snare placements, wood preference and slap-ability were all taken into thoughtful consideration and carefully tweaked per my satisfaction. What I admire most about PaulE is his passion for making wooden drums and percussion instruments for players who love to play and who appreciate the art of his craftsmanship. The rhythmic resonating sounds and tones in his drums can be felt deeply in the audience and on stage. Not only is it a joy to play, but I can take my Cajon-E anywhere! It survived a plane ride and 7 shows in 4 days throughout our recent "Tour de Austin" during SXSW! The fans just loved it--complimented its beauty, feel and fullness of sound. Thanks for everything, PaulE!!! I want a Twin-E now too!!!"

Scott Swimmer  (drumSTRONG)

  (founder of DrumsForCures producer of drumSTRONG)

"So, I pick up PaulE's lovely tamboujon and discover yet one more unique sound it's capable little self delivers. What's cool is the way that (seemingly) simple, unique design & combination of quality materials contribute to the uniqueness of sounds. I find myself playing it for surprisingly long periods, yielding something new every time and, inspiring me to broaden my comfort zones.
PaulE creates sensitively designed, beautifully crafted, wood sound art. Simple, thoughtful aesthetics that produce delicate to monster percussiveness.

He delivers great sounds boxed in a neat package. Great sounding boxes delivering neatly packaged sounds. Great sound packages delivered in a neat box.

Damn fine wood drums! You won't be bored with PaulE's boards.!"

Tom Waits (solo)
Todd Rundgren (solo)
Michael Travis (String Cheese Incident)
Jerry Gaskill Kings X)
Jim Donovan (Rusted Root)
Leonard Haze (Y&T)
Christian Orellana (Concepto Tambor)
Abdon Lucero (Follow)
Michael Morton (Transformational Band)
TZOL (Kan' Nal)
Manas Itene (Spearhead Vibrations)
Jason Hann (Ectomusic)
Rosario Jermano (solo)
Jaden (solo)
Porangui (Porangui)
Robert Miraball (solo)
Trinidad Leal (Dixie Witch)


Ordering Hotline: London 011 +44 0780 659 2797

Each and every PaulE percussion instrument is hand made to order by PaulE, a custom instrument created uniquely for you.

Call PaulE now to discuss your custom instrument: London 011 +44 0780 659 2797

[Terms of payment: 50% down due at time of ordering. Balance due on delivery Allow 3 to 12 weeks for delivery from time of ordering.
F.O.B. Albuquerque, NM USA]

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